My name is Laura Steeley and as the current President/Organizer of La Costa Moms, I'm delighted to welcome you to our group. Maybe you've lived in San Diego for a while, but after having children you’re wondering, "Now what do I do?" Maybe you just moved to the area from out of town, out of state, or even out of country and aren't familiar with the area at all.  LCM is a great way to get acquainted with North County San Diego. We are made up of friends and families that are not only here to help you get settled, but also to show you how to make the most of this beautiful city, county, and even all of Southern California!

To me, playgroups are about more than just socializing toddlers.  They are a valuable resource for building friendships, getting support from other mothers, developing an interest in our surroundings, fostering a love of exploring and experiencing new things. My motto is: “Strength in Numbers.”  Simply being on the mailing list doesn't help you or us. We need everyone to participate on a regular basis.  That doesn't mean that you have to attend every event we post, but please try to RSVP at least once a month to something. It’s important to respond to polls and questions about what the group should do, come to a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) every once in a while, and join playgroup when you can.

Now that you've found La Costa Moms, you're on your way to making friends and getting the most out of San Diego.  As part of a large group, we often get discounts on admission and special offers for many events and venues. If you're looking for an active playgroup and want to participate in a multitude of events for kids, moms, and families, then join LCM on today!

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